My story

     I have chosen to become a coach with the desire to help people to achieve their goals and to pass easily through changes in their lives. I am a former Marketing Executive in a multinational company with a broad experience in managing various teams in terms of number and diversity. I liked the most to discover talents and help them grow. I am proud of my team and the people I helped to become middle managers, or even top managers.

     After 14 years of marketing I was more and more attracted by the idea of dealing with changes, navigating through uncertainty. Each of us goes through many changes during our personal and professional life. To some of them we can resist, some of them prepare us to be someone else, maybe a better person. I went through this process several times, and I admit that coaching helped me look differently at changes and take the most benefits out of them. Changes can have so many different types of impact on our lives. How we manage them is really important for our future.

     I am a mother of two and I love cooking


I am an ICF Associate Certified Coach and ICF member. You can reach me for Career and Change Management coaching  here